Personal Loans for Medical Bills Payment

Personal Loans for medical bills

Loans for medical bills are unsecured personal loans that can be a fast and easy way to get the money you need to pay off your medical expenses during health emergencies. It is used to pay your health care expenses like hospital bills, doctor fees, drug prescriptions, and other medical treatments. Unexpected and expensive medical bills can make things harder to tackle with your limited earnings. Personal loans for medical bills are the only solution to handle medical expenses that are beyond your budget.

How personal loans for medical bills work?

As stated above medical expense loans are unsecured personal loans, it means you don’t have to pledge any collateral to back up your loan. These loans are rather backed up by your promise to repay the lender, and as a result, interest rates are generally higher as compared to secured loans. Your loan’s approval highly depends on some factors like a good credit score and your loan repayment capability.
To avail loans for medical bills, you are required to submit an online loan quote with your personal, banking, and employment details. You get the desired money in your account as soon as possible, if your loan request is approved. So, shop with various personal medical loan lenders to get the best quote with affordable interest and repayment terms.

Why choose medical expense loans?

Medical expense loans may be used to pay any kind of medical bills. Generally, people borrow medical loans to cover:

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Dialysis
  • Dental procedure
  • Infertility treatment (IVF)
  • Medical debt consolidation

What are the benefits of a medical loan?

Finding the money for medical expenses can be very stressful, but personal Loans for medical bills make it easy for you to pay all medical costs and repay the loan over time. Funding of loan is also very quick; generally, your account is credited with the desired money on the same day otherwise next business day. You get money with some benefits like fixed interest rates and fixed monthly repayments.

Medical expense loans: pros and cons

Like other loans, medical expense loans also have some pros and cons:


  • Quick funding, sometimes on the same day
  • You can consolidate your medical debt
  • Can be used to pay for any medical expenses


  • Costly interest and fees
  • A good credit score is required otherwise high-interest rates are applied.
  • Too much debt at the end

What credit scores are acceptable for loans for medical bills?

A borrower with a good credit score can apply for loans for medical bills. If you have a FICO score of 670 or above then the chances of approval for your medical expense loans are good. However, with a lower score 500s-600s are also acceptable but the interest rate may go high as compared to a good or excellent score.

Alternatives to medical loans

There are always some good alternatives to medical loans to pay off your medical bills:

Payment plans

Ask your hospital’s billing department about negotiation and the possibility of waiving off interest if payment is made within the specified time.

Medical credit cards

Medical credit cards are special cards that is available through medical providers. You get a 0% interest finance option if paid within the agreed time period.

Other options

When you get your medical bills, you should contact the billing department, and try to negotiate the balance down. It is especially helpful when you don’t have health insurance. A third party service can also be availed to meet such possibility, they will help you to get your medical bill reduced by tracing out potential clerical errors and omissions, and negotiate on your behalf to have your total bill reduced. So, before opting for loans for medical bills, do also search for other alternatives also to minimize your medical expenses.